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Tarik nafas panjang-panjang..., Anwar bukan tipu

Written By kadayan chronicles on Thursday, 18 September 2008 | 19:29

Written by anak_semenanjung

Senarai memang ada, tapi banyak ner tempat sangkut nie....

1. Sangkut kat golongan yang sedang berkuasa
2. Sangkut kat undang-undang
3. Sangkut kat sini, sangkut kat sinun.

Korang baca ler sndiri.

"There is a group of Malay elites who cannot fathom that they may have to give up power. They've been in this position of strength and they know nothing else," said Bridget Welsh, a Southeast Asia expert from Johns Hopkins University.

"Anwar knows he has to get the civil service, the military, the king and the the sultans in his court in order to change the system that's been in power for 51 years and where there are entrenched interests."

After a crackdown last week that saw three arrests under a draconian internal security law, which allows for detention without trial, Welsh said Anwar could also face a threat to his life and liberty.News.My.Msn.Com

Kalau boleh sabar, sabar. Kalu rasa tak bole sabar gak ikut ler laman web kpmu.net ngutuk Anwar, free jer takyah bayar.
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